The story behind Morphis

About us

Morphis was established in 2005; the increasing pressure on Customer Service Centers had created a need. Consumers had increasingly higher demands, budgets were under pressure. Smart software that supports customer processes from start to finish had to provide the answer.


ProcessRunner was born. But our ambitions reached beyond this. The application had to develop to become the best product for Customer Service Centers, focused as far as possible on the end users. And we achieved this. With the help of our customers and business partners.

The future

But we are far from home and dry. Because there are literally countless ways in which we could perfect ProcessRunner. Using language and speech recognition technology. But also Predictive Analytics, the method that allows you to predict customer behavior, offers boundless opportunities. The sky really is the limit. As long as it makes life easier for customers and employees.

Our core values

  • We offer clear added value. Cut to the chase!
  • We are innovative, ambitious, with a healthy curiosity.
  • We assume responsibility. No matter what.
  • We are in it for the best possible solution.
  • We love what we do.