Sales suggestions at just the right moment

Strong cross- and upsell results

Sales suggestions at just the right moment

ProcessRunner offers excellent cross- and upsell opportunities. The system provides sales suggestions at exactly the right point in the customer interaction process. These suggestions are not just based on intelligent profiles. The customer contact can determine this too. If a customer contacts you to make a complaint, it is not advisable to bring up a contract extension. If, on the other hand, he calls with a service query and receives a comprehensive first time right solution, cross- and upsell offers are promising and the chance of conversion is high. Especially when the customer expectation is exceeded …
Predictive Analysis can be deployed to anticipate extra sales opportunities.

Maximum insight

If a campaign is reason for a customer to make a complaint, this is immediately visible in the system and your employees can assist the customer First Time Right.

  • Profile motivated
  • Business rules based
  • Offering logbook